STRIKING BEAUTIES was created to share the boxing experience with all women. A high-intensity workout that burns fat builds muscle tone, increases endurance, sharpens mental skills and infuses you with an incredible sense of accomplishment, inner strength, and self-confidence that no other workout comes close to providing! The distinct combination of a female-focused 24/7 boxing gym offering workouts designed by a professional female boxer was a unique concept. We knew we were embarking upon unchartered territory and we were certain that our vision would alter a woman's perception of boxing. 

But something else happened. On its own,
 STRIKING BEAUTIEStransformed itself. What started as just a boxing gym grew into a supportive community of women.STRIKING BEAUTIESdeveloped into a place where women encourage one another, challenge one another and empower one another. Where women network, hold each other’s babies and exchange business cards. This is the part ofSTRIKING BEAUTIESthat I never envisioned; it just emerged on its own. Yet it has become the defining characteristic of our innovative gym. If you have any questions please call one of our two locations North Attleboro, MA or Taunton, MA

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