Intro to Boxing (30m)
​Our 30 minute instructional session introduces you to wrapping your hands, proper boxing stance and basic punches. A must for all newcomers! Class limited to 5, sign-up required. To be followed by BOXING 101

Boxing 101 (60m)

Striking Beauties' is not just about doing it, but doing it RIGHT! And BOXING 101 is essential to learning how to do just that! The first half of class will instruct on the fundamentals of boxing (stance, movement, basic punches) while the second half will have you executing on the heavy bags. But don't be fooled by the simple name, BOXING 101 will leave you mentally enlightened and physically exhausted! 

 Boxing Drills (60m)
​You want to punch? You want to sweat? Then this is the class for you! Wrap up, warm-up then work round after round of combinations on the heavy bag with a minute “rest” of squat jumps, mountain climbers and or whatever the instructor calls out in between rounds. Slip in some intermittent pad work then finish off the class with a blast of hardcore abs work! This intense, non-stop class works on your speed and building up your anaerobic threshold. 

 Core Conditioning (60m)

Everyone's favorite bootcamp! CORE CONDITIONING involves station after station of core work, conditioning, strength training and much more! Oh yeah, you'll feel this one in the morning!

 KICK! (30/60m)​​
Partner up for this high energy blend of boxing, kickboxing & conditioning! Throw a jab, cross and spinning back fist, add in a round house kick, followed by a crescent kick, mix in some ab work and challenge yourself through multiple 3 minute rounds of sweat drenching fun! Each workout burns up to 800 calories and instills potentially life-saving, self-defense skills! 

 ​Manfredo's Boxing- Advanced Boxing (60m)
Ready to step it up? Then this is the class for you. Created by world renowned boxing trainer Peter Manfredo, Sr.,  this class introduces multiple punch combinations, explosive footwork drills, and slip and block techniques. Work it hard in front of the mirror, then head over to the bags for some intense work!  Oh, and don’t worry, we won’t forget to top off the class with a great abdominal burn!

 Strikers Youth Fitness Boxing Program

            LIL STRIKERS ages 6-9 (45 m)    &    STRIKERS ages 10-14 (60 m)
Our Strikers’ program uses The Sweet Science to instill fitness and values in our children. Each 45 minute class will introduce, practice and perfect the fundamentals of boxing (ie. stance, footwork, punching combinations and how to properly use boxing equipment). Strikers’ work combinations on the bags, engage in body weight and strength conditioning exercises along with cardiovascular & flexibility related activities which measurably improve their overall physical conditioning and mental focus. The benefits? Hard work, discipline, determination, respect, perseverance, confidence, flexibility, coordination, self-defense and awesome conditioning! Classes are non-contact.

 Striking Beauties’ Traditional Boxing (60m)
Our signature class, STRIKING BEAUTIES' TRADITIONAL BOXING takes you through a professional boxer’s pre-fight workout. Warm up with a few rounds of jumping rope, shadow box in the mirror then work through our circuit of exercises designed to enhance a myriad of skills essential to boxing – speed, strength, conditioning, agility and defense! Throw in the rockstar music and an in-your-face instructor and you’ve got yourself a knockout class!  Whether you want to become a boxer, or just train like one, STRIKING BEAUTIES' TRADITIONAL BOXING guarantees you'll walk out the door feeling stronger, better conditioned and more self-confident!

 12 Rounds - A Boxing/Conditioning Class (30m)
The ultimate boxing – conditioning class, “12 ROUNDS” is the title fight of conditioning classes!

Our hardcore 30 minute workout consists of twelve 2 minute rounds, 6 on the heavy bag followed by 6 kick-butt exercises! Finish it off with some abs and you are a champion! 

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