A word from the Founder and CEO of Striking Beauties:

I love boxing.

I love the power I feel as I'm wrapping my hands, the exhilaration that overcomes me as I throw punches, and the crisp sound of the leather glove smacking the bag. I love the rhythm of combinations, the speed and intensity of throwing hooks and slipping jabs and the challenge of the last 30 seconds in a round. I love the focus and determination that boxing demands of me, and the sweat and exhaustion that overcome me, as I punch, slip and block. Most of all, I love the confidence and strength that I walk out of the gym with at the end of my workout.

After falling in love with boxing, I did a lot of research and found that there were few, if any, women’s boxing gyms. Yet there were women throughout the world who loved boxing. Women who had experienced the exhilaration and empowerment but had not found a ring of their own. I read blogs from women in NYC, Australia and China….where women asked one another “Hey, where can I box and not feel out of place?” “Where can I box that’s not my boyfriend’s gym?” “Where can I get an authentic fighter’s workout and not some cardio-box or aerobic-style class?” ”Where can I go to box with other women, in a comfortable atmosphere while still getting the training of a professional boxer?” And the answers were always the same……”There isn’t any place!”

So in 2008, in response to all the women searching for a ring of their own, and for those who had yet to the experience the benefits of boxing, I created STRIKING BEAUTIES. A pretty, stylish yet hardcore studio offering an inviting environment for women of all ages and fitness levels to take their first step into the ring without feeling intimidated! But turning this vision into a successful reality could never have happened without the guidance of some incredible professional and world champion boxers.

Since opening in 2009, I have had the benefit of working with such incredible fighters such as Kali “K.O.” Reis, Shelly “Shelito’s Way” Vincent, Toka Kahn Clary, Queen Underwood, and of course Peter Manfredo, Sr. . These amazing boxers have been the inspiration for, and authentication of, our boxing programs. It is under their guidance that our class formats are created, and under Peter’s intense, strict scrutiny that our Instructor certification program - required of every STRIKING BEAUTIES’ Team member- was established and is implemented! As the only women’s boxing gym franchise company in the world with workouts designed by a world champion professional female boxer, and instructor training taught and critiqued by one of the most experienced professional boxer trainers in the country, STRIKING BEAUTIES has set the highest standard for a quality boxing regiment and is committed to adhering to this measure! At STRIKING BEAUTIES, we guarantee our members an authentic, challenging, fun workout each and every time!!!

STRIKING BEAUTIES was created to share the boxing experience with all women. A high intensity workout that burns fat, builds muscle tone, increases endurance, sharpens mental skills and infuses you with an incredible sense of accomplishment, inner strength and self-confidence that no other workout comes close to providing! The distinct combination of a female focused 24/7 boxing gym offering workouts designed by a professional female boxer was a unique concept. We knew we were embarking upon unchartered territory and we were certain that our vision would alter a woman's perception of boxing.

But something else happened. On its own, STRIKING BEAUTIES transformed itself. What started as just a boxing gym grew into a supportive community of women. STRIKING BEAUTIES developed into a place where women encourage one another, challenge one another and empower one another. Where women network, hold each other’s babies and exchange business cards. This is the part of STRIKING BEAUTIES that I never envisioned; it just emerged on its own. Yet it has become the defining characteristic of our innovative gym.

STRIKING BEAUTIES has become the symbol of women who want to “do something for themselves”, who “want to feel stronger and more confidant” and who end up “walking out of the gym saying…yeah, I can do this!” These women are married mothers of triplets, divorced mothers of teenagers and single mothers of infants. They are single young professionals, corporate executives and students. They are women in their 40s, 30s, 20s and teens. These women have never exercised and they have run marathons. They are unemployed and are opening new businesses. These women have grown up in the projects and they live in posh neighborhoods. They drive motorcycles, pick-up trucks and Mercedes. These are the faces of women’s boxing...these are the women of STRIKING BEAUTIES. Welcome to STRIKING BEAUTIES...the gym, the workout and the life style!

Dena Paolino